Stone Therapy

Some of the most progressive healers in the world have begun using stones in their massage work - not to replace healing hands, but as an adjunct to traditional massage, facials and healing treatments of all kinds. Stone massage is an ancient, enduring form of therapeutic bodywork using heated and cooled stones as extensions of the hand. It is a harmonious collaboration of healing energies between the client, the therapist and the stones. Be mindful that the beauty of this therapy, and all therapies, is manifested by the transference of deep compassion and trust between the therapist and the client. This compassion becomes imprinted within the matrix of each stone.

Pointed, textured stones are used as tools for deep sports massage. Round, flat, warm stones are laid as balancing agents upon specific energetic points along the body, otherwise known as chakras. Smooth, velvety stones are heated in water, then glided with firm pressure along oiled, sore muscles. Cooled white quartzite stones refresh the face (especially after waxing), refine the pores and soothe inflamed skin. For some people, stone massage can bring deep tissue release and alignment between body, mind and spirit. For others, it means gently allowing the heat of the stones to soften tension and melt worries away. The experience of an eloquent, deep, structurally restorative and spiritually uplifting stone massage is unsurpassed in its transformational potential.

The Benefits of Stone Bodywork

  • Irons out tight muscles, softening the tissue with heat.
  • Sedates the central nervous system when the stones are laid upon the spinal column.
  • Increases circulation and vitality.
  • Improves the tone of visceral organs.
  • Aids in elimination by stimulating peristalsis.
  • Relieves sinus pressure.
  • Reduces inflammatory conditions with the use of cool stones.
  • Adds pranic energy, or chi, to the session since stones are living, swirling microcosms of energy.
  • Grounds the body by reducing the wind (vata) element within the body.
  • Increases kinesthetic awareness of the body by alternating textured and smooth stones.
  • Incorporates sound and vibration, i.e., clicking, tapping.
  • Residue of sea salt from sea stones purifies and balances the electromagnetic field.
  • Reduces cellulite dramatically when used with castor oil.
  • Gently exfoliates the skin, enhancing liver function.




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