Sports Massage

Sports Massage consists of specific components designed to reduce injuries, alleviate inflammation, provide warm-up, etc. for amateur and professional athletes before, during, after, and within their training regimens.

Whether performing on a field with your teammates, rehearsing dance steps in front of a mirror or running down a country raod, participating in sports can be exhilarating and rewarding. Be it for the love of health, a drive to compete, or simply to finish a distance race, anyone who is active in sports strives to care for their body. Many people seek massage therapy regularly to help them perform their best and reach their personal goals.

Massage after a strenuous workout

When a vigourous exercise leaves your muscles feeling fatigued, stiff and sore, massage can help. Massage stretches and lenghtens shortened muscles and reduces spasm. Its gentle kneading improves circulation which speeds up the removal of waste products that can make you sore, and brings in the oxygen and nutrients your muscles need to rejuvenate. A deeply relaxing massage also promotes restful sleep, allowing your tissues time to repair naturally.

Because massage helps your muscles return to normal function, it can help you resume activity sooner, enhance your performance, and help your muscles work more effficiently.

Maintaining your fit body

Many sports and fitness enthusiasts rely on regular massage as an important part of their health maintenance routine. This is because an area of chronic tension can impair performance and even lead to injury when stressed. Assisted stretching, kneading and other massage techniques can loosen areas of chronic tension and help relieve new areas of tension before the become chronic.

Torey Jeanes will work related muscle groups, such as those in the upper back and the chest. This relieves stresses that may impair your body alignment and helps muscles throughout your boby to work more efficiently together.

Pre-event massage

Massage can help you prepare for a competitive event. A pre-event massage is brief and invigorating, usually fifteen to twenty minutes long. It is given within an hour before your event, right through your clothes. Torey will rock and jostle your arms and legs and will use compression - firm and repetitive palm pressure into the belly of your muscles. These strokes are warming and energizing. Many athletes use this time to focus on their upcoming event and visualize their success.

Post-event massage

After your event when you've cooled down, a post-event massage will be a calming and relaxing experience with the goal of easing pain and soreness and reducing inflammation. Torey Jeanes will use a slow compression stroke to bring blood and oxygen to tense areas and to help flush out metabolic waste products built up during heavy muscle use. Torey will lightly jostle and shake your arms and legs and help you stretch your muscles. A post-event massage can last from 15 to 20 minutes, and is also given through your clothes.



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