Equine Sports Massage Therapy

Torey Jeanes believes that a horse and rider should treat their muscular system the same way pro-athletes treat theirs. The use of sport massage therapy can improve range of motion, flexibility, and give peace of mind in order to train and perform successfully.

Conditions that may be the result of tight muscles and/or muscle spasms:

• Head Tossing
• “Off” for no apparent reason
• Resisting neck motion to the opposite side
• Coordination difficulties
• Short on extensions
• Improper Leads
• Switching Leads
• Sore back
• Bending problems
• “Cold-Backed”

What is . . .


Equine Sports Massage therapy is the manipulation of the soft tissues on the body in order to achieve specific goals of drainage, relaxation, or stimulation, and of releasing muscle-related problems such as trigger points and stress points. It contributes to the overall economy of the body and to its ability to function efficiently. Massage greatly improves circulation, thereby promoting a good supply of nutrients to the muscle groups. Massage therapy greatly contributes to relaxing the nervous system from stress, helping the psycho physiologic self-regulation factors between body and mind. Massage therapy has been known to speed up recovery from injury.

Sports massage differs from other forms of massage in that it focuses on the course of muscle injury . . . with the intent of not just relieving muscular pain, but assisting as well in the PREVENTION of (future) injuries to those muscles.


Sixty percent of your horse’s total body weight is skeletal muscle which will greatly benefit from the non-invasive holistic technique known as Equine Sports Massage therapy. Get that 20% extra competitive edge for your high performance athlete!



• Improves circulation and as a result, promotes more rapid healing of injuries
• Enhances muscle tone and increases range of motion
• Eases muscle spasms
• Relieves tension
• Reduces inflammation and swelling in the joints so that pain is relieved
• Stimulates circulation in the lymphatic system and hastens the elimination of waste products and other toxins
• Lengthens connective tissue and so breaks down/prevents the formation of adhesions and reduces the danger of fibrosis
• Generally improves the disposition of the animal


Loosens, warms, and readies the muscles for an event


Relieves muscle pain and stiffness by returning the muscles to a normal state. After vigorous exercise, dehydration takes place in the horse and, with the loss of fluids, it is harder for the horse to cool down.

An EQUINE SPORTS MASSAGE helps to keep the entire body in better physical condition!

Torey Jeanes wants her clients to reach their competitive destination which should be no less than excellence. Feel free to call Torey with questions or for an evalution.



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